Fireside Cheer

I finished this afghan a long time ago, but haven’t found the time to post until now.  In the book this afghan is white with red and blue.  I can just imagine it in the background of a ski lodge in an 80s movie montage.

I chose to use blue, grey, and white yarn.  I love these colors together, and it completely changes the look of this afghan!


The pattern makes it look like this has intricate details, but it was really simple to make.

I once made this afghan in three shades of brown.  That looked a lot nicer than it probably sounds.  Since that time my dog wallered the one to pieces, so I can’t share a picture of it.  Trust me, it was pretty!

Once washed this afghan became so soft it is officially my favorite for lounging on the couch.  It’s just wide enough for one person to get real cozy.  It would look nice on a twin size bed.


Kaleidoscope Granny

Technically this makes two Granny square afghan posts in a row. This was a pattern I found on Pinterest that I thought would be neat to try. The link on there just took me to a YouTube video. I googled the name of the pattern to try to find one that way. I found some things that required me to download a pattern to be able to use it. With my crap internet I don’t download much. I’m certainly not going to risk downloading anything from a site I just happened across!

I watched a couple of videos on how to do the Kaleidoscope Granny. I can understand it would probably be difficult to write or read a typical pattern for it. You start with a granny square and start the next square in the middle of the last round of that. Anyway, for me it seems like something you just figure out as you go.

My granny was so excited about this pattern she was telling me to post pictures before I even started it! I did share a picture of the first little bit to Instagram the day I started.

I decided to go ahead and get a start on teacher gifts for this Christmas, because I already had the colors for it. I was working on another afghan and ran out of the color I needed for it. I was just in the mood to crochet, so I started this.

I ended up with five squares.

That was wide enough for an afghan but not really long enough for an adult. I went around the sides in single crochet and the top and bottom in double crochet with each of the colors.

I love it! I have already been told to start the next one like this.

My First Granny Square

I had a friend ask if I would make a granny square Afghan for her. I had never before made a traditional granny square Afghan with colors changing each round. I’m probably the other person who has crocheted as long as I have without making one of them.

The only thing she said about colors in it is she wanted black as the main color. That made it so much easier since I have to crochet blocks together. Plus, all the colors in each square really pop with the black background.

My friend is tall, so I wanted to make this Afghan long enough for her to get comfy with it. I also made it wide enough to cover my queen size bed, so it would be good for sharing. I ended up making it 15 squares across by 20 squares top to bottom. Each square had 3 colors plus the final black round.

I love this Afghan! It is the biggest one I’ve ever made. When I don’t have a pattern telling me how big to make something I tend to go overboard.

I’m sure my granny would have done better, but I did have fun making this. It cleared out a lot of my stash, which gave me an excuse to buy more yarn!


It looks like I’m coming back each April to make a post or two.  Maybe it’s because the weather is finally starting to feel nice that I am happy enough to do one.  I don’t know.  There’s been a lot of excitement here lately.  Today’s project is one that I had to wait to post.  It was a gift for a baby shower, and I didn’t want the recipients to get to see pictures before they received it.

My little cousin is having her first baby soon!  She decided to name him Calvin.  I didn’t even have a choice what to make, did I?  Every Calvin needs a Hobbes.  I just happened to have already pinned a pattern for a Hobbes to my craft board and was so excited to have a reason to make it.  The pattern I used is found here.  I instantly fell in love not only with the pattern but with the writer of the blog.  She shares her pattern for free and asks that no one sell her pattern or completed work from it in keeping with the wishes of Bill Watterson (the creator of Calvin and Hobbes) to not commercialize the comic.

I did make a few adjustments to the pattern for my Hobbes.  In her pattern the eyes, nose, and stripes on top of his head are pieces of felt sewn to the crocheted head.  My sewing skills are nonexistent, so I didn’t want to risk sewing parts on a baby gift that would probably fall off of it.  I just used yarn to embroider the shapes onto the head.  It’s not perfect, but it probably looks a lot better than if I had tried sewing.

In her pattern each part is crocheted from the end and then sewn together.  Again, I didn’t want to show off my lack of talent, so I improvised.  Instead of finishing off at the end of the head, I started the torso part from the end of its pattern and worked backward.  Anywhere it said to increase, I decreased.  Anywhere it said to decrease, I increased.  For the arms, legs, (okay, all legs, since he’s a tiger) and tail I chained half of the end number of stitches and skipped the other half so I had perfect sized holes to start from for making those.

His tail is so long.  I love it!

Here’s my finished Hobbes.  He’s the perfect size for cuddling!

I know he looks different than he would if I had followed the pattern completely.  This worked for me, and I feel better knowing little Calvin won’t be endangered by my gift.

For the final gift presentation I made a wagon.  I put red felt around a box.  I used diapers, snack cups, and ribbon for the wheels.  Of course, I had to get him a Calvin and Hobbes book to go with it!

Now I just can’t wait to meet Calvin!


Beauty and the Beast

Wow!  It’s been a whole year since I’ve been on here.  I’ve made a few afghans that I need to post.  I just got so busy that for months I didn’t even get to do any crocheting.  For a while I was working and going to school.  After that I worked two jobs and went to school.  Later I just worked two jobs.  Finally I decided that working so much took away all my “living” time, so now I just work one job.  Since quitting my midnights job I have made one afghan and am finally getting around to writing a post.  I need to get some pictures of the afghans I have finished.  As soon as I do that I’ll work on some posts.

One of the blogs I follow is called The Happy Hooker Blog.  She has some amazing graphs for knit and crochet. You can check out the graph for Inner Beauty at her blog.

When I saw this graph I couldn’t wait to try it.  I have a friend who’s favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.  I was so excited to see what she would think of this that it only took a few days to make this even though there were points where I had 8 skeins going at one time.

I love the way this turned out!  Usually when I do graphs they end up being way too small to be an afghan.  This one was large enough to cover my queen size bed without adding any extras to it.

For the rose I used a metallic fuchsia yarn, so it has a bit of sparkle to it like the one in the movie.  I used bright yellow for the main piece and café latte for the beast.  The vase is black.

Now I need to figure out which colors I want to use for her The Little Mermaid graph.  I want to make it.

Daisy Granny Square

A few months ago a friend of mine sent me this picture and asked if I might be able to make it for her daughter.


I did a little research and found the pattern at this blog:

If you want to make the afghan you can find it there, but you’ll have to follow a second link in the blog for continuing the block after the daisy in done.

She wanted the colors the same as they are in the picture.  I used Red Heart’s Bright Yellow for the center and White for the daisies.  I used I Love This Yarn’s Turquoise, Peacock, and Graymist for the other colors.  The textures are different, but I think it made the flower pop against the soft background.

close up

For the edging I used the shell stitch from this page:


I made this afghan pretty long.  The girl for whom I made it is tall.  I wanted to be sure she could wrap up in it and feel cozy!


This afghan has probably gotten more comments from people who’ve seen me working on it than any other I’ve done.  It got my granny’s approval!  She has been asking me for the pattern.

Afghan 38 – A Patchwork of Petals

This afghan took an extra long time, because I used scraps to make it.  When I was thinking about making it I had no intention of making the background white.  When I started working on it I had a lot of white available, so the background is white.  Back when I had 1,000ish WIPS laying around I had this started.

A Patchwork of Petals

This past week I was desperate for some yarn therapy, so I finished all 117 of those squares and got them together!  After finding out that an old school classmate had committed suicide, putting scraps together to make something warm and comforting was just the thing to do.

Bryan and I had been friends since Kindergarten.  Through most of elementary school we were pretty close friends.  We went to the same Bible school and were in T.A.G. together, so we pretty much got grouped together for a lot of things.  We started to drift apart through junior high school.  I switched to a different school for high school.  I saw him one last time at a graduation party.  He moved away and became Bryn.  This was one person where it just made a lot of sense.  She was more fitted to being Bryn.  When we were kids it was never an issue, because that just wasn’t anything near being on my mind.  Bryan was a friend and kind person.  While I never met Bryn, I just know that feeling was always there.  That’s probably why she was a good friend to a girl at a time when girls and boys didn’t play together so much.

Since this was not the first suicide attempt I had heard of for Bryn, it took a few times hearing the news for me to truly believe it.  When I saw Laverne Cox (of OITNB fame) post about her I Facebook I was shocked!  Laverne talked about how she had never met Bryn but was saddened by this.  It just goes to show that no matter who you are or what you might think of your life, people do care.

I’m not good at expressing myself when it comes to this sort of thing.  I’d like to tell about the best trip we took together as our T.A.G. group.  We went to the state Model U.N.  It was probably the most fun school trip we ever took!  Our little group was mostly friends, and we had been together since fourth grade.


We were obsessed with the UNS kids!  We all wanted to be them.  One night we were all gathered in the same hotel room after activities and making a bit too much noise.  We laughed way too hard about the one UNS member who came to ask us to be a bit more quiet.  With the current situation I keep imagining the remaining members of the group to show up at her memorial tomorrow dressed as them and stand by the doors.  We could be the security for her memorial.

They were just too cool for words.

They were just too cool for words.

Why do I find an afghan of scraps so fitting at this time?  As children our lives were so intertwined that each memory of her that comes to mind makes me think of something else.  Lots of memories, both good and bad, have come to mind that I hadn’t thought about in years.  So many little scraps of my life have come together to comfort me.

Anyway, I took a different approach to put this afghan together than what is intended in the pattern.  I had several squares of the same color.  This was true for a few different colors.  The squares are supposed to be put together in random order.  I am absolutely the WORST at randomly choosing colors.  I laid mine out and chose a pattern for the colors before putting them together.  If I hadn’t done this I would have had clumps of one color in certain areas of the finished afghan.

The afghan is worked on an N hook using two strands throughout.  It ended up being a lot smaller than I had expected.

full     section

The green camouflage-like color is from camel hair.  It started to get felted when I ran it through the laundry.  I’ll most likely keep this one for myself, so it’s not a problem.  I think it will add character as it changes.


I really like the way the joining is raised in front of each square.  Typically when I join this way (because it’s a lot easier than the sewing that’s recommended in most patterns) I have this stitching at the back of the afghan.  It makes it that much more interesting.

When I read the pattern for the edging I did not expect it to turn out looking like it did in the book’s picture.  Surprisingly enough, though, it did!


The back is probably not a strong enough look to carry an afghan pattern on its own.  It doesn’t look bad, though.  It sort of reminds me of one of the patterns in Book 2.