Daisy Granny Square

A few months ago a friend of mine sent me this picture and asked if I might be able to make it for her daughter.


I did a little research and found the pattern at this blog:  http://tillietulip.blogspot.com/2012/06/to-beg-chain-ch-5-and-join-to-form.html

If you want to make the afghan you can find it there, but you’ll have to follow a second link in the blog for continuing the block after the daisy in done.

She wanted the colors the same as they are in the picture.  I used Red Heart’s Bright Yellow for the center and White for the daisies.  I used I Love This Yarn’s Turquoise, Peacock, and Graymist for the other colors.  The textures are different, but I think it made the flower pop against the soft background.

close up

For the edging I used the shell stitch from this page:  http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/08/5-crochet-edges-you-should-know/?ext=Pinterest_Crocheting_OP_Blog_13_2016-02-01&maid=89998


I made this afghan pretty long.  The girl for whom I made it is tall.  I wanted to be sure she could wrap up in it and feel cozy!


This afghan has probably gotten more comments from people who’ve seen me working on it than any other I’ve done.  It got my granny’s approval!  She has been asking me for the pattern.


Afghan 35 – Quilt Block Flowers

It has been so long since I have finished an afghan.  That daggone Textured Bands has made me lose a lot of interest in crocheting at all.  Another one that has taken me a very long time is the Quilt Block Flowers afghan.  It wasn’t a problem of crocheting this one.  It was the fact that all the pieces must be sewn together after being crocheted.  I know how to sew.  I’m just not good at it.  The way it looks when I sew is similar to the way it looks when I hand a ball of yarn to a cat, but with thread.

Since I am no expert at sewing, I took my pieces to my granny.  She took a while to sew all those pieces.  I had to threaten her a few times to get it done.  (As much as I could respectfully threaten my granny over an afghan.)  It took almost a year for her to finish.  When she did I realized that I was supposed to crochet edge pieces and then sew those onto it!  Instead I just slip stitched while I was working on those.

The colors I used were Black, Thyme, Light Sage, Bright Yellow, and Pale Yellow.  As usual, I decided to avoid the white background.


Since it has taken so long for me to finish this, I can’t find my pictures I took along the way.  I always take pictures with my phone.  Having destroyed my phone I lost all my pictures that were on it.  Here’s what I do have.

The individual blocks looked pretty much like this.

The individual blocks looked pretty much like this.

one cluster of blocks

one cluster of blocks

This is the complete afghan in its entirety.

full afghan

This gives a better look at how the pattern looks.

pattern closeup

edging flower

edging flower

Even though I cheated on the edging, I think it looks just fine.  It will probably stay together better.  I trust the strength of yarn more than thread.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with this one.  I love the way it turned out!  It took way too much effort to give it to just anyone.  First I’ll have to see if anyone else likes it as much as I do.