Afghan 37 – Bold Winter Waves

In the book it is hard to actually see the waves in Bold Winter Waves.  The picture has the afghan hanging in a way that they are mostly blocked.  The most noticeable thing is that awful background color.  I had always thought I would do a black background with bright colors for the waves.  What ended up happening is that I asked my husband’s opinion on it.  He could not get that color out of his mind.  I decided that I would do the afghan in the colors of fall leaves with the background being the color of tree bark.  I used Café Latte as the background with Burgundy, Pumpkin, and Gold as the colors for the waves.  I absolutely hate the gold color yarn on its own, but I really liked it in this.  I loved the Burgundy against the Café Latte.  Unfortunately, I feel like the Pumpkin was a bit too bright for this afghan.  Josh had gone to buy my yarn for this and couldn’t find a better suited color for it.


I started by doing the afghan by following the directions and finishing off at the end of each color.  After doing each color once I decided to just hold the yarn off to the side.  The edging covered it, so it didn’t matter.  The only bad thing about this is that, since this is one of those afghans where I hold two strands throughout, I had 8 skeins of yarn hanging off of this the whole time.  The good thing is that this afghan was quick and easy, so it was finished in two sittings.


This afghan turned out to be one of my favorites that I have made.  It is so cozy!  I used Red Heart Super Saver as I usually do, but these colors were so soft and feel so nice done.  This will be a great one for sitting on the porch on fall evenings.


I’ve officially changed the name of mine to Bold Autumn Waves.


One comment on “Afghan 37 – Bold Winter Waves

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    I love making this afghan. It works just as well with two or three colors. I have one in each car in case of car trouble or accidents in the winter. It works up fast and is large enough to keep out the cold.

    You may be right about the pumpkin. Carrot might have worked better but I like this one the way it is. And, yeah, some of the colors they used in the winter section of this book are just plain terrible.

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