Afghan 3 of 2 – Toasty Earth Tones

My Toasty Earth Tones  does not suit the title at all.  When I asked Josh what he thought of this pattern he said, “Yay, another ripple,” with a complete lack of enthusiasm.  Yes, I’ve been doing too many ripples lately.  They just work so well for school colors!

I like that this one is made so the edges of each color are interlocking with the next.

close up

There was an error in this pattern.  It said to continue repeating these rows so many times.  The last row of each color is double crochets and chains leaving openings for the next color to drop down into it.  This means that the last row of the afghan would have these spaces all across it.  It is clear from the pictures that this is not how it is intended to be done.  The should have finished with repeating the center rows a third time for the last color.  This is what I did.


I love that this pattern leaves an opening at each point for attaching the fringe!  It looks nicer and doesn’t make me feel like I need to add thick fringe all across like I did for Spring Ripple.

photo (1)

The finished product is nice.  I just wish I could figure out a way to wash afghans with fringe without them coming out as frayed messes.

Full afghan


Afghan 36 – Tantalizingly Teal

I’ve made a lot of progress on this year’s teacher Christmas gifts.  I’m now trying to figure out which teachers will be getting one.  Since Willow started middle school this year I don’t know if I want to give each of both of the kids’ teachers an afghan.  Jarrett still has the three regular teachers.  He also has the music, PE, and computer teachers who are with the kids for all of elementary school.  The PE and computer teachers will teach them again in middle school, but the music teacher may not teach them again.  Willow has five teachers this year.  She and Jarrett will both have those same teachers next year.  If I give one to the six elementary teachers this year and wait until next year to give the sixth and seventh grade teachers afghans, I’ll give the eighth grade teachers theirs when Willow is in eighth grade.  I am thinking that would be the easiest way to do it, but Willow seems like she might be getting her feelings hurt if she doesn’t get to give any this year.  If that’s true, then I’ll be giving all of their teachers afghans this year.  I’ll try to do all of the regular teachers plus the three “once a week” teachers, but that would be eleven afghans to finish.  Currently I have six done.  (I need to get a few posted.)  If I skip the extra three I’ll only need to make two more.  Maybe I can get those teachers later?  Maybe I should think about this much earlier in the year.


Tantalizingly Teal is a very simple pattern.  I thought about doing the afghan all grey with red fringe or all red with grey fringe.  When I asked the kids which they thought would be better they said they wanted me to mix the two.  It’s an afghan that you have to hold to strands of yarn together while making it, so it’s one of each.  The similar pattern along with using the same colors makes this look very much like Rich Heather.


I don’t know if you can see the difference in stitches between the two, but I promise it’s there!

Tantalizingly Teal

Tantalizingly Teal

Rich Heather

Rich Heather

I do like the size of this one better than Rich Heather.  The length on Rich Heather was my fault.  I kept going until I ran out of yarn required in the pattern.  The width is from the pattern, though.

Tantalizingly Teal is sized perfectly to fit my queen size bed.

full afghan

I did only use red yarn in the Rich Heather afghan while I mixed red and grey in the fringe as well as the whole body of Tantalizingly Teal.  I think I like the solid red better.  Too much mixing kind of overdoes it.  I think these patterns are favorites around here.  They’re both big and heavy.  Perfect for cuddling up on the couch on these cold nights!

Afghan 2 of 2 – Sunrise Ripple

Once again I have used a pattern from Book 2.  I’m at the point where there are very few afghans left in Book 1 using two or three colors that I feel are easy enough to make Christmas gifts for the kids’ teachers.  When it gets to November and I’m still working on Christmas gifts I need to do easy ones so I don’t stress about getting them finished in time.

I got the chance to spend a lot of time in the truck with my husband on a road trip, so I spent that time working on this afghan.  I realized that I don’t know whether the furbabies or my yarn is worse for shedding on my clothes.

leg yarn

I’ve noticed that several of the patterns in Book 2 are named for the colors in them.  Since I don’t use the same colors as the book, the titles don’t make sense.  The book used two shades of blue and yellow to look like the sun in the sky.  It has a nice effect, but I needed to do school colors.  I know the names don’t matter at all for the afghans, it’s just different seeing so many in this book named this way when it wasn’t like that in Book 1.


I like the overall look of this.  I’m not used to doing a ripple pattern quite like this one, so I feel that close up I could have done a better job with my tension.  It seems like it’s more open than I had expected.

close up

This is one of the afghans that makes me appreciate that the recipients tend to be much less critical of my work than I am.


The reason my husband and I went on a road trip was to get a “new” car.  Josh found a 1949 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe.  When we were dating there was a 1950 model near where we live for sale.  I wanted that car so bad, but at the time we didn’t have enough money to buy it.  I could hardly believe it when he told me about this car!  It does need a lot of work, but it’s ours!

1949 Chevy

I’m so looking forward to getting work done on this project.


1 of 2 – Gentle Raindrops

I honestly have been kind of busy lately with crocheting!  I’ve just had some difficulty with blogging thanks to satellite internet.  If you have a choice, I certainly don’t recommend getting satellite.  Unfortunately for me, that’s the only thing available where I live.  It’s slow, a lot of things aren’t compatible with it at all, and even though we have the highest limit available we are allowed 20G for the month.

Enough of that rant.  I’m working on the afghans for my son’s teachers this year.  I am only giving them to his teachers this year, because next year they will be sharing some teachers in middle school.  Most likely this will be the easiest way to keep me from giving multiple afghans to a single teacher.

I haven’t gotten through all of the afghans in the book, but I have started on the second book.  I tell myself it’s because I need to go to the next book in order to get patterns that would be appropriate for the colors I use.  Anyone who has ever gotten a new pattern book knows that’s a lie.  I got Book 2 of the “Afghans For All Seasons” series and couldn’t wait to start on it.  Yes, I will still make one of each of the patterns out of Book 1.  I just might do some of the ones out of Book 2 at the same time.

Gentle Raindrops was done in greens in the book.  I used red and grey, the school’s colors, since this one is for a teacher.  It was a pretty simple pattern with an interesting look.  It is worked side to side.  After the half way mark it started to feel like I would never get finished with it.  I started measuring the width every few rows.  I thought that since it felt wide enough -I could lay it over me, and it was reasonably wide- it should be as wide as it was supposed to be.

It seemed to be a nice size until I put it on my queen size bed, and it looked so small!  There’s about six inches of space on each side of the blanket left on the bed.

full afghan

I actually had a little girl ask me to tell her how to do the stitch while I was sitting in a waiting area!


Being the dork that I am, I’ve been thinking I want to do this with mostly black alternating with some different bright colors.  When I look at the pattern sideways it makes me think of Space Invaders.  You may have to want to see it, or look at it for a really long time.

space invaders game image

My 80s flashback may have had some assistance.  Every crafter has his/her crafting essentials.  I use a CD case to make my fringe.  What else would I use for this?

I'm just too hilarious!

I’m just too hilarious!

Since it’s football season, I’ve been working on a few things for people in their favorite school colors.

orange and black orange black and white scarf UK plaid

I absolutely LOVE that people have been asking me to crochet things for them!

Afghan 35 – Quilt Block Flowers

It has been so long since I have finished an afghan.  That daggone Textured Bands has made me lose a lot of interest in crocheting at all.  Another one that has taken me a very long time is the Quilt Block Flowers afghan.  It wasn’t a problem of crocheting this one.  It was the fact that all the pieces must be sewn together after being crocheted.  I know how to sew.  I’m just not good at it.  The way it looks when I sew is similar to the way it looks when I hand a ball of yarn to a cat, but with thread.

Since I am no expert at sewing, I took my pieces to my granny.  She took a while to sew all those pieces.  I had to threaten her a few times to get it done.  (As much as I could respectfully threaten my granny over an afghan.)  It took almost a year for her to finish.  When she did I realized that I was supposed to crochet edge pieces and then sew those onto it!  Instead I just slip stitched while I was working on those.

The colors I used were Black, Thyme, Light Sage, Bright Yellow, and Pale Yellow.  As usual, I decided to avoid the white background.


Since it has taken so long for me to finish this, I can’t find my pictures I took along the way.  I always take pictures with my phone.  Having destroyed my phone I lost all my pictures that were on it.  Here’s what I do have.

The individual blocks looked pretty much like this.

The individual blocks looked pretty much like this.

one cluster of blocks

one cluster of blocks

This is the complete afghan in its entirety.

full afghan

This gives a better look at how the pattern looks.

pattern closeup

edging flower

edging flower

Even though I cheated on the edging, I think it looks just fine.  It will probably stay together better.  I trust the strength of yarn more than thread.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with this one.  I love the way it turned out!  It took way too much effort to give it to just anyone.  First I’ll have to see if anyone else likes it as much as I do.

Afghan 34 – Warm Autumn Wrap

I’ve gotten a start on next year’s teacher Christmas gifts.  I only need to make enough three to have enough for my son’s teachers.  My daughter will be in sixth grade, so she will have the same teachers for three years in a row.  When Jarrett is in sixth grade and Willow is in seventh grade they will have the same teachers, so I’ll have them both do afghans as gifts to those teachers from both of them.  I may end up letting Willow give afghans to other school staff.  She was upset when I told her that I would only be making afghans for Jarrett’s teachers this year.  I can’t believe my daughter is so happy about something I do!!

I made Warm Autumn Wrap in the school colors.  The book has it in shades of Terra Cotta that are similar to each other.  Before I started making this I didn’t even realize it was a ripple afghan.  I thought it had a shell design.  With the colors being so much different from each other it’s much easier to see the ripple pattern.

close up

It’s pretty exciting to have one Christmas gift out of the way when today was the last day of this year’s school!  Now we can look forward to a couple of lazy months.full afghan

Afghan 33 – Rainbow Diamonds

The baby afghans are finished, and the babies are here!  Annabelle arrived early in March.  Jace arrived in late April.  Both families had few complications and are happy and healthy.

I made Rainbow Diamonds in darker colors for Jace.  Once again I ignored the recommended yarn weight.  I used the Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Cream brands.  Mostly it was Peaches & Cream, but their black looked like black fabric does after it has been washed and faded.

I had a few casualties due to using this yarn with my D hook.  I used a total of 4 hooks thanks to breaking them while I was working.  I broke 2 aluminum hooks and 1 steel hook.

Just about to go

Just about to go

broken pink

Probably thanks to using yarn that was heavier than the hooks should have been used for, this afghan ended up being bubbled.  It doesn’t exactly lay flat.  I think that makes it a little more interesting.  It’s hard to get a good picture that shows the bubble effect.bubbled

I think using the black background helped to give it a more masculine effect for a baby boy than the white background in the book.

complete afghan

The hooks were not the only things to break during construction of this afghan.  Unfortunately I have used this book too much.  The pages had started falling out a while ago, but I was just sticking them back in it and hoping not to lose them.  Finally it was just too much paper to keep track of it all.

The binding gave up...

The binding gave up…

...and the pages fell out.

…and the pages fell out.

Refusing to lose this book once again, I knew I had to do something about it.  I got some page protectors and a binder.  I carefully took each page out of the original binding and put them in their own protectors inside the binder.  The cover to the book is now the cover to the binder.  Now I don’t have to worry about spilling anything on the pages!  Being in the binder does make the book a lot bigger and heavier, but I can take out a single pattern for travel and put it back later.

Safe in their protectors!

Safe in their protectors!