Afghan 38 – A Patchwork of Petals

This afghan took an extra long time, because I used scraps to make it.  When I was thinking about making it I had no intention of making the background white.  When I started working on it I had a lot of white available, so the background is white.  Back when I had 1,000ish WIPS laying around I had this started.

A Patchwork of Petals

This past week I was desperate for some yarn therapy, so I finished all 117 of those squares and got them together!  After finding out that an old school classmate had committed suicide, putting scraps together to make something warm and comforting was just the thing to do.

Bryan and I had been friends since Kindergarten.  Through most of elementary school we were pretty close friends.  We went to the same Bible school and were in T.A.G. together, so we pretty much got grouped together for a lot of things.  We started to drift apart through junior high school.  I switched to a different school for high school.  I saw him one last time at a graduation party.  He moved away and became Bryn.  This was one person where it just made a lot of sense.  She was more fitted to being Bryn.  When we were kids it was never an issue, because that just wasn’t anything near being on my mind.  Bryan was a friend and kind person.  While I never met Bryn, I just know that feeling was always there.  That’s probably why she was a good friend to a girl at a time when girls and boys didn’t play together so much.

Since this was not the first suicide attempt I had heard of for Bryn, it took a few times hearing the news for me to truly believe it.  When I saw Laverne Cox (of OITNB fame) post about her I Facebook I was shocked!  Laverne talked about how she had never met Bryn but was saddened by this.  It just goes to show that no matter who you are or what you might think of your life, people do care.

I’m not good at expressing myself when it comes to this sort of thing.  I’d like to tell about the best trip we took together as our T.A.G. group.  We went to the state Model U.N.  It was probably the most fun school trip we ever took!  Our little group was mostly friends, and we had been together since fourth grade.


We were obsessed with the UNS kids!  We all wanted to be them.  One night we were all gathered in the same hotel room after activities and making a bit too much noise.  We laughed way too hard about the one UNS member who came to ask us to be a bit more quiet.  With the current situation I keep imagining the remaining members of the group to show up at her memorial tomorrow dressed as them and stand by the doors.  We could be the security for her memorial.

They were just too cool for words.

They were just too cool for words.

Why do I find an afghan of scraps so fitting at this time?  As children our lives were so intertwined that each memory of her that comes to mind makes me think of something else.  Lots of memories, both good and bad, have come to mind that I hadn’t thought about in years.  So many little scraps of my life have come together to comfort me.

Anyway, I took a different approach to put this afghan together than what is intended in the pattern.  I had several squares of the same color.  This was true for a few different colors.  The squares are supposed to be put together in random order.  I am absolutely the WORST at randomly choosing colors.  I laid mine out and chose a pattern for the colors before putting them together.  If I hadn’t done this I would have had clumps of one color in certain areas of the finished afghan.

The afghan is worked on an N hook using two strands throughout.  It ended up being a lot smaller than I had expected.

full     section

The green camouflage-like color is from camel hair.  It started to get felted when I ran it through the laundry.  I’ll most likely keep this one for myself, so it’s not a problem.  I think it will add character as it changes.


I really like the way the joining is raised in front of each square.  Typically when I join this way (because it’s a lot easier than the sewing that’s recommended in most patterns) I have this stitching at the back of the afghan.  It makes it that much more interesting.

When I read the pattern for the edging I did not expect it to turn out looking like it did in the book’s picture.  Surprisingly enough, though, it did!


The back is probably not a strong enough look to carry an afghan pattern on its own.  It doesn’t look bad, though.  It sort of reminds me of one of the patterns in Book 2.