1 of 2 – Gentle Raindrops

I honestly have been kind of busy lately with crocheting!  I’ve just had some difficulty with blogging thanks to satellite internet.  If you have a choice, I certainly don’t recommend getting satellite.  Unfortunately for me, that’s the only thing available where I live.  It’s slow, a lot of things aren’t compatible with it at all, and even though we have the highest limit available we are allowed 20G for the month.

Enough of that rant.  I’m working on the afghans for my son’s teachers this year.  I am only giving them to his teachers this year, because next year they will be sharing some teachers in middle school.  Most likely this will be the easiest way to keep me from giving multiple afghans to a single teacher.

I haven’t gotten through all of the afghans in the book, but I have started on the second book.  I tell myself it’s because I need to go to the next book in order to get patterns that would be appropriate for the colors I use.  Anyone who has ever gotten a new pattern book knows that’s a lie.  I got Book 2 of the “Afghans For All Seasons” series and couldn’t wait to start on it.  Yes, I will still make one of each of the patterns out of Book 1.  I just might do some of the ones out of Book 2 at the same time.

Gentle Raindrops was done in greens in the book.  I used red and grey, the school’s colors, since this one is for a teacher.  It was a pretty simple pattern with an interesting look.  It is worked side to side.  After the half way mark it started to feel like I would never get finished with it.  I started measuring the width every few rows.  I thought that since it felt wide enough -I could lay it over me, and it was reasonably wide- it should be as wide as it was supposed to be.

It seemed to be a nice size until I put it on my queen size bed, and it looked so small!  There’s about six inches of space on each side of the blanket left on the bed.

full afghan

I actually had a little girl ask me to tell her how to do the stitch while I was sitting in a waiting area!


Being the dork that I am, I’ve been thinking I want to do this with mostly black alternating with some different bright colors.  When I look at the pattern sideways it makes me think of Space Invaders.  You may have to want to see it, or look at it for a really long time.

space invaders game image

My 80s flashback may have had some assistance.  Every crafter has his/her crafting essentials.  I use a CD case to make my fringe.  What else would I use for this?

I'm just too hilarious!

I’m just too hilarious!

Since it’s football season, I’ve been working on a few things for people in their favorite school colors.

orange and black orange black and white scarf UK plaid

I absolutely LOVE that people have been asking me to crochet things for them!


4 comments on “1 of 2 – Gentle Raindrops

  1. I love the colors you used, specially the scarf is an artpiece :o)

  2. fiveboysmom says:

    You do such beautiful work. I’m glad you’re back into crocheting.

    You’re not imagining things when you think Gentle Raindrops looks like Space Invaders. I thought the same thing when I made it for a wedding present for a cousin.

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