Afghan 34 – Warm Autumn Wrap

I’ve gotten a start on next year’s teacher Christmas gifts.  I only need to make enough three to have enough for my son’s teachers.  My daughter will be in sixth grade, so she will have the same teachers for three years in a row.  When Jarrett is in sixth grade and Willow is in seventh grade they will have the same teachers, so I’ll have them both do afghans as gifts to those teachers from both of them.  I may end up letting Willow give afghans to other school staff.  She was upset when I told her that I would only be making afghans for Jarrett’s teachers this year.  I can’t believe my daughter is so happy about something I do!!

I made Warm Autumn Wrap in the school colors.  The book has it in shades of Terra Cotta that are similar to each other.  Before I started making this I didn’t even realize it was a ripple afghan.  I thought it had a shell design.  With the colors being so much different from each other it’s much easier to see the ripple pattern.

close up

It’s pretty exciting to have one Christmas gift out of the way when today was the last day of this year’s school!  Now we can look forward to a couple of lazy months.full afghan


One comment on “Afghan 34 – Warm Autumn Wrap

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Very nice.

    I didn’t realize it was a ripple either. Must be why it and I didn’t get along the one time I tried it. I just can’t figure ripples out. But you do them beautifully!

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