Afghan 30 – Diamond Classic

I am so happy to be finished with this afghan!!! I started it last summer. When I picked it back up after getting more yarn, I had to completely undo all of the work I had done, because I just couldn’t seem to figure out where I left off on it. Due to the diamond pattern on this one, it is very important to not mix up which row is next. It’s a simple pattern once you get going on it, but putting it down for so long was a mistake.

On the bright side, Hobby Lobby decided to do away with Red Heart yarn in favor of only selling their own line of yarn. They had exactly the amount of Paddy Green yarn that I needed on clearance when I went there to buy it. I love a good sale!

Another thing that drew out the amount of time this afghan consumed is its size. The book lists it as 46″ x 63″. In the end, it is large enough to cover my queen size bed.

There are several mistakes in this afghan. Luckily, they are difficult to see. In fact, I couldn’t find them when I was taking pictures! One problem I had when I was first working on it was that the lace stitches looked much more open than they do in the book. I asked my granny for help. She couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, either. Her stitches also looked too open. I finally decided to just make it that way and let it be an airy afghan. The final picture of the whole afghan looks as tightly stitched as the book does. It must just be the pictures.

It doesn't look solid!

It doesn’t look solid!

Here’s a better look at the “diamond.”

Green has been my favorite color as long as I can remember. Currently, I am absolutely SICK of this Paddy Green color. It will probably be a while before I use this color again.


One comment on “Afghan 30 – Diamond Classic

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    When I made this pattern it did that “airy” thing too. It must be the way they take their pictures.

    Lovely! I like green too but any color will wear you out after a while.

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