Afghan 29 – Christmas Trees

I have been unable to post for far too long. Mostly it’s because I haven’t actually finished an afghan in quite a while. I do have a few that are just so close to being done. I promise that I really have been busy! It wasn’t ALL due to me being lazy. (A lot of it was.)

Until the first week of July, my family spent most of our time preparing for the 4-H fair. This year both of my kids took market lambs. My daughter had a whether and decided to try a ewe this year. Their names were Betsey and Johnson. Both of my son’s lambs were whethers. Their names were Troy and Abed. It makes us super happy when people get those references. Overall they placed 5th, 14th, 17th, and 18th out of 20 lambs. To be honest, I was pretty glad to see Willow did not do as well as she had done last year. You learn more when you don’t win. All of the kids worked really hard, and I’m proud of all of them.
Jarrett lamb

Willow lamb

Willow did say that she will never get another ewe. Betsey trampled her a time or two and was much more difficult to work with than the other lambs. Both of the kids said they don’t want to take lambs next year. Willow changes her mind every few minutes about which animal she does want to take. The only thing we refuse is hogs. Jarrett says he doesn’t want to show any animal. He wants to take a science project. That’s perfectly fine, too. Although he was happy to do work in the barn, he never has been one to want to be in front of a crowd. I thought he was going to be sick in the show ring. He even told the judge he was not going to show lambs again. That made the judge smile!

We got both of the kids some good boots for the show ring this year. Willow had been wanting a pair of Justin Gypsies for a long time. We made her wait, because her feet grow so fast. She picked out a really cute She fell in love with them. She had to keep them in her lap for the car ride home. Even when she fell asleep in the car, she kept her arms around the box!boot nap

I bought my husband a new lawn mower for our anniversary. (Yes, we’re country.) On July 4, he decided to let Willow cut the grass in the field. She loves cutting the grass! The only problem is that this lawn mower shuts off if the driver gets off the seat. She is so light that it shuts off every now and then if she hits a bump or anything. mower

The first day at the fair was Jarrett’s ninth birthday. Due to the timing of his birthday, the only celebration was that we got him an ice cream cake to share at the fair campground. (We have plans to go to an amusement park later when the crowds won’t be as bad.) He said that since it was he ninth birthday, it should have a ninth Doctor theme. He was so happy with it!

Have a FANTASTIC birthday

Have a FANTASTIC birthday

One of the big events at the fair was monster trucks. Jarrett enjoys the trucks. He likes the idea of the size of the trucks. Unfortunately, he does not like the noise. Luckily, we were able to see one of the trucks parked on a day before the show. He had me take his picture with it. We decided that maybe we’ll watch monster trucks on TV sometime with the volume low.
monster truck

All of the 4-H kids are allowed to take two projects each year. Jarrett’s second project was Safe Use of Guns. He had a blast working on it! He won second place. He does plan on continuing with something in the shooting sports next year. Willow’s second project was Pocket Pets. She took the sugar gliders for that. While we were there, the baby we’ve been waiting for came out of its mom’s pouch! (This evening while I was typing this, Josh brought it out to show me that it has just opened its eyes.)
sugar baby

These are things that have helped to keep me from crocheting and posting. Finally I will actually show you my afghan I finished. Christmas Trees is done in green, white, and red in the book. I tried to make it a little less Christmassy by changing the colors. I used Red Heart’s Paddy Green and Coffee and I Love This Yarn’s Pale Denim. I thought this would make it appropriate for a cabin-style decorating year round. Of course, everyone who has seen a piece of it instantly saw Christmas trees.

Since it was made from 54 squares, it was a lot easier to carry around to work on it since I was working with three strands of yarn at one time.


It’s not quite the Christmas look that they intended, but it does still make everyone think of the holiday. It will be good for napping on the couch during Christmas break.


2 comments on “Afghan 29 – Christmas Trees

  1. you have the cutest kids on earth, I must laugh as I read about the show and what Jarret said to the judge :o) Happy belated Birthday to your son, hope he has fun with the Doctor :o) I like the boots your daughter picked, they really look a little like Bestey Johnson :o)

  2. fiveboysmom says:

    Congrats on the fair. None of mine were that interested in 4-H or fair. Love that Willow is so light the mower shuts down on her. The afghan looks like a forest to me. I wasn’t fond of their color scheme in the book–but then there are a lot of color schemes that I shake my head at.

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