Afghan 28 – Country Blocks

This is another of my afghans I started last year when I was having so much trouble getting yarn. I started it in Red Heart’s Coral. Unfortunately, all the stores near me have apparently quit carrying this color. I was half way through the afghan when I had to start all over, because I’ll never be able to get that color locally again. I could buy it from the website, but it costs more there, plus I would have to pay for shipping.

I decided last week that I would work on this one this week. I had to fly out of town for work. I’m always afraid to take scissors with me on a plane in case rules change, and they’re suddenly not allowed. Because of this I wanted to have a plan for a single color afghan. This one worked quite well for this trip.

I purchased my yarn a few days ahead of the trip. It just about drove me crazy to see all that new yarn waiting there without working on it. I do have some other projects going. There’s just something about brand new yarn that makes me want to play with it! Anyway, I chose I Love This Yarn’s Rouge. I hadn’t seen it before, and when I went looking for a color this one seemed to pop right off the shelf.

This pattern uses a P hook and two strands of worsted weight yarn throughout. Of course it worked up pretty quickly. I started on it Sunday, didn’t touch it Monday, and finished it Tuesday. The problem I really noticed I have with this is that I need to pay more attention to the tension I use especially with patterns using large hooks. It can be really messed up if the tension you use changes while you’re working on an afghan. Yes, this should be common sense. Sometimes when patterns are so simple I start thinking about how close I am to finishing off one skein and start rushing, because obviously I’m getting close to finishing. I need to get through just a few more rows before I go to bed or whatever I should be doing. Before I know it the whole thing is askew.

This one is big, but not too big. This picture was taken with the afghan on a king sized bed.

I was thinking this could also be neat looking if I used two colors and made a checkerboard pattern or just used black for the edging. I might try that sometime.


3 comments on “Afghan 28 – Country Blocks

  1. I love the color it’s a special red what’s an eyecatcher without looking like a fire fighters truck. Wish I had a pant in the same color :o)

  2. fiveboysmom says:

    It’s been two months and I know it’s hot and the kids are in a boat-load of activities but I just wanted to say that I miss you and your posts–whether it’s afghans or other stuff. Are you starting any to finish in the fall and winter? I started doing that, then everyone decided to get married so I’m making wedding afghans.

    Just wanted you to know, you aren’t forgotten. And this one really turned out very nice. Love the color and the pattern.

    • knitwit1980 says:

      I can’t tell you how nice it is to get a message like this! You’ve really brightened my day.

      I have a got a few afghans just so close to being finished. I did finish one last night but need to get some pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a post up this evening.

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