Afghan 27 – Stitch Sampler

Oh my gosh, I love this afghan! I have put off making it while at that same time looked forward to doing it. Part of me wanted to use the colors the book lists, because I knew I would never be able to put that many colors together that would look good. (The book lists NINE colors for this one.) I had to give up that plan. Apparently a lot of the colors have been discontinued. At least I haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

I ended up using this as a major stash buster. I would never have expected an afghan made out of scraps to be so visually appealing. Maybe it’s just me, though. Since I didn’t put any money into it, I thought I might use it as a fund raiser for the kids’ 4-H club. We had talked about possibly raffling off one of my afghans with me charging the club what I paid in yarn. I thought this way I could simply donate the afghan without any disapproving looks from my husband. Well, when I told him my plan do you know what he said? “You might want to donate one that people would actually want.” What a turd!

Maybe no one else would want this one enough to buy a raffle ticket. I don’t know. This is part of why I am so bad at putting colors together. If it didn’t hurt my feelings when my husband said it was ugly, it’s not going to hurt my feelings if anyone else does, so what do you think?


I had to get a few close up pictures since each round is a different stitch.

outside edge

outside edge

That’s my crazy stitch sampler afghan. Now that I’ve finished it my husband says that he’s just surprised to see me make an afghan where the colors weren’t all preplanned. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. Now I’m struggling to choose which afghan to make next and what colors to use.


3 comments on “Afghan 27 – Stitch Sampler

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Must just be him. I think it’s lovely! And I have more complements on the afghans I made with remnants of yarn than any of my others. And I think you do a wonderful job of putting colors together. But if you’re still concerned, show the pictures (or the afghan) around and see what others think. Besides, if he hates it, he won’t mind if it goes away, will he.

    This one is on my list–to use up those skeins I bought on clearance that aren’t enough for an afghan by themselves.

    • knitwit1980 says:

      Thank you! I’m pretty sure I’m just married to a mean old man. It’s a good thing he’s cute.

      • fiveboysmom says:

        LOL. By the way, congratulations on passing the halfway mark! There are still some pretty fast afghans left. You should have this challenge finished long before you die.

        BTW–did you know there is a book 2 and 3? Ugh. So many afghans. So little time.

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