Afghan 26 – Pretty Panels

Pretty Panels is one of those afghans I was working on when I kept running out of yarn. Pretty Panels Unfortunately, I was unable to find that exact color of yarn again. I undid that work to use what I had for something where I would need very little of it and started over with a new color.

I decided to use I Love This Yarn’s Old Rose. It matches pretty closely to my husband’s mamaw’s decorating colors. This pattern had struck me as an appropriate afghan for her. I finished this afghan shortly before her husband passed. My husband took the afghan to her the day after his funeral.

It’s a very small afghan but works well for the back of a couch or chair.

I love the cables in crochet!

One part of this pattern that drove me crazy was that before and after each cable there are two rows where you are supposed to crochet in the front loop only (FLO). It’s not hard to do that, it’s just more comfortable if I’m only going to crochet in one loop I prefer to crochet in the back loop only (BLO). If you know what you’re looking for, you can tell a difference, but I decided that it was worth it to switch to BLO since I prefer to do it that way. You can see the difference in the following pictures.

Front Loop Only

Front Loop Only

Back Loop Only

Back Loop Only

You can see in the FLO stitching it looks more like a V stitch in knitting while the BLO looks more like a zigzag. Now I know that if I do this pattern again I’ll probably do all of the rows in BLO where it says to do them in FLO. Since they are two consecutive rows done that way, I just reversed the order in which they were supposed to be done.


2 comments on “Afghan 26 – Pretty Panels

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Very nice! I’m sure she will love it!

    How do you get the edges to lay down? All of the afghans and scarves that I have done with that cable (and it seems every single one has those FLO rows on either side of it) want to turn the edges under for me.

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