Afghan 25 – Picket Fences

I am once again far behind. Big surprise! I have finished two afghans completely but haven’t posted either. At least this time I do have valid excuses.

The first one I finished was Picket Fences. It was one of the ones that I had some of the strips done last summer. It took a while, because due to repeating the same thing over and having to put pieces together, I got bored of it easily. When I finally decided to get it done I realized that it is a great pattern for daily errands. Because it is done in strips, it’s easy to carry just a little bit of yarn, a hook, and small scissors in my purse to work on it anywhere. No, I’m not crocheting and driving. (I promise!) I just have it for all those waiting rooms. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time in those.

I used Caron’s Claret and Natural for this. It was very upsetting about half way through I found out that there is only one local store that still carries this yarn. That store is about a 45 minute drive for me. Hobby Lobby has quit carrying Caron and is currently phasing out Red Heart. They are only going to be selling their own brand that has varieties similar to these. You just can’t switch yarn brands in the middle of an afghan, though!

This afghan ended up being HUGE! My 6’4″ husband can be completely covered by it. In this picture it is on my queen size bed.

I had one problem with this afghan. There is one round in which you crochet in the back loop only (BLO). I must not have been paying attention and did this on a round where I should have crocheted through both loops as usual. I didn’t notice until after I washed it. You can see through the area where I messed up on this one.

Since I finished this afghan the month of March hit me. I am so glad that tomorrow is April 1st. I plan on next month being much better than this one has been. On March 8th, my husband hit a deer with my car. (Yes, that’s the second since I bought it in September.) It is still in the garage. The mechanic had to go to the dealership and show them what parts he needed for it, because when he ordered them from the factory he was told those parts are not on that car.

He's not allowed to drive my car anymore.

He’s not allowed to drive my car anymore.

The following Saturday, my mom had a heart attack. That was tough enough on its own. (Thank the Lord she is home and doing okay.) Since she was in the hospital, I decided to borrow her truck the next day when I had to go out of town for work. On my way, Mother Nature forgot that it was time to be warming up again, so it was snowy and raining ice. I turned left out of a parking lot and started sliding. The back end slid right into a telephone pole.

This is when I quit.

This is when I quit.

I got through my trip okay. The next weekend was much better. I even bragged on Monday to my mom and sister that this was the first weekend of the month that I did not have to call 911. The next day we got the news that my husband’s papaw had passed away. He was 82 years old and a man who made me proud to be a part of my husband’s family. He will be sorely missed, but we all know he is in a much better place and feeling better than ever.

While looking for clothes to wear to the funeral, I stopped at our nearest Sears. It will be closing in May, so I thought they might have some good prices. I was wrong. The only good deal I found was on their fixtures. I found a cart for $40. It has wheels and just fits along the wall in my closet. I figured it would be a perfect storage bin for yarn!

Crib for all my yarn babies!

Crib for all my yarn babies!


2 comments on “Afghan 25 – Picket Fences

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    You are in my prayers.

    Beautiful afghan!!

    I wondered about Hobby Lobby’s yarn selection. Thanks for the info.

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