Afghan 24 – Dash of Red

I made it through my husband’s afghan. It’s not that I don’t like the afghan, but I am so happy to be finished with this one. I will never again do an afghan using colors someone else chose! For one, if I don’t especially want to make the afghan I’m making, I lose interest quickly. This afghan required more work than a lot of other patterns due to switching colors multiple times on most of the rows. I got about 20 rows into this afghan 3 different times. First, I didn’t like the order I had chosen for the colors. The next time my husband decided that I should drop the navy yarn completely. The third was the time ended up finishing the thing. I only used three colors instead of the recommended four. I used Glowworm, Bright Yellow, and Blue. When Josh saw the Glowworm he decided he wanted me to make an afghan in colors that matched his tattoos. Originally I was going to use orange as a fourth color, but I could not find an appropriately bright orange in any store. I decided to use navy, because he does have navy as a shading on some of his tattoos where there is blue. Without the darker color, I don’t think the bright colors pop as much as they would have with it.

These are the tattoos that inspired this afghan:

symbol for married couple

symbol for married couple

I have one that matches this one, but in pinks, reds, white, and black.

Zodiac monkey

Zodiac monkey

My husband, daughter, and I were all born in the year of the monkey. At the time this tattoo was done, our son was not yet born. Since he was born in the year of the rooster, Josh plans to get something completely different for him.

partially a cover-up

partially a cover-up

I think his main reason for getting this was because he was jealous of how awesome my phoenix looks.

I clearly have plenty of colors from which to choose to make an afghan based on his tattoos. I let him choose the colors anyway. I do like the colors, I just don’t like having a boss. (Both of the kids were way less picky about their afghans.)

On the rows where I had to change back and forth between the colors, the book said not to finish off and just carry over the yarn at a relaxed tension. No one ever explained this to me. I don’t know how many people do this the same way I do. I have seen some afghans that just have loose strings hanging on one side between stitches where they are used. You see it a lot in clothing. I always hold the loose yarn like it is part of the stitch into which I am crocheting. I took a picture in case anyone else has to figure out this step on your own but hasn’t yet.

Don't leave it hanging!

Don’t leave it hanging!

In the end both sides look the same.

Josh is happy with his afghan.



I can’t help but think if I had used orange instead of green it would look like Buddy from Dinosaur Train.




3 comments on “Afghan 24 – Dash of Red

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Lovely! I’ve made this one several times–in the colors in the book, in shades of brown, and in Christmas colors (note–don’t use a variegated, it vanishes in the pattern).

    I cover each carry over piece of yarn with the next stitch. I couldn’t stand to have it hanging on the other side. Yuck.

    • knitwit1980 says:

      I bet those are pretty! This afghan is really versatile with the colors. My husband loves decorating with browns. I did the Fireside Cheer in shades of brown.

      • fiveboysmom says:

        Oh, I want to make Fireside Cheer but I hadn’t figured out what colors to use. I think I get too stuck on some variation of the colors in the book. I do like the way shades of brown look together.

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