Afghan 21 – Simple Stripes

The last afghan I made for my kids’ teachers was Simple Stripes. In the book they did it with a main color and two different colors for stripes. I did it with cherry red as the main color and used Heather grey as the color for all the stripes. It was so easy to do!

Since it is worked from side to side (your starting chain is one edge, and you work across) I could see from the beginning that is would be a long one. It is also worked with two strands at once for the whole thing, so it’s really thick.


The two grey stripes on each side of the afghan look nice even though I didn’t change colors. The only one that I would have used with my theme would have been white. I think for this afghan the only way it would have worked to use all three different colors would have been to use white as the main color. I know I could never keep a mostly white afghan looking decent. I like it just fine with all the stripes (there are four of them) the same color.

close up

With that all the teacher afghans are DONE!


I had to overlap them a lot to get them all onto my giant couch. I did take a picture of my kids posing with them, but apparently my daughter is incapable of posing without putting her butt in the air, so I will not be including that.

After I took all the pictures I wanted, it was time to let the kids pick which teacher would get which afghan. The good Lord knows my kids can’t do anything like that without a fight. My daughter had been especially feisty that evening, so we let our son call heads or tails and my husband flipped a coin. He called heads. It landed on tails. Willow got to start choosing, and they took turns from there.

I used reusable shopping bags as gift bags. The main reason I did this was because Cracker Barrel had their Christmas themed bags on sale for 99 cents. The cheapest gift bags I could find that would have fit these afghans in them cost closer to $5. I was also unwilling to buy boxes and wrap them. (I think I put enough effort into these to not call myself lazy on this one.) Another good thing about the reusable shopping bags is that since they are coated, they don’t tear as easily as gift bags do. Those heavy afghans probably would have ripped most of the gifts bags when I put them in there.

I was a little sad when we took the gifts to school. After their Christmas program, we went to the entry to the hall where their classrooms are. Parents were not allowed to go down the hall. Two teachers were stationed at the door to the hall. One checked names off a list, and the other yelled down the hall for each child when parents arrived to take them home. We had them call our children’s names to get their gifts. Our son took the gifts to each teacher and left without seeing them look to see what they had received. He was ready to go home. Our daughter wanted to stay at school for the rest of the day, so she got to see her teachers’ reactions to their gifts. I really wish I could have seen them get their gifts, but I do understand that if every parent did the same it would be chaos.


One comment on “Afghan 21 – Simple Stripes

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    They are all beautiful! Congratulations on getting them all done for the teachers. I would like to have seen the teachers expressions as well, but, yeah, chaos.

    I love Simple Stripes. I made it last year for my Secret Sister at church because I didn’t know what else to get her. I used Frosty Green as the main color and Gold and Burgundy for the stripes. She and her husband were in the process of building a new home and just moved in last month. She pulled it out and said it is the same colors as her new master bathroom. She’s going to display it on the wall of her bedroom. Since it only took three days to make, I made one for myself out of Frosty Green with Paddy Green and White for the stripes. It’s over a chair in my living room this Christmas. I have to admit, however, that I truly detested the main color it’s made with in the book. It looks like something that fell in the lake and never came clean.

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