Afghan 18 – Rich Heather

I am so behind on my blog posts! While I was out on a trip for work I woke up to this:snow

On top of that, the sun started setting just about the same time I was getting finished in the clinic. Put together snow in the mountains, early darkness, and being all by myself, I’m going to get some crocheting done.

One of the afghans I did was Rich Heather. I’m still working on getting afghans done for my kids’ teachers. I decided to use Grey Heather with Cherry Red for this one. In the book it’s done with a solid and a variegated. Grey Heather is priced the same as a variegated yarn. It has little darker spots throughout it, but isn’t a typical variegated yarn.

When I worked it into the afghan, it ended up looking like a plain grey. It looks like a lighter grey than the Charcoal Grey I have been using for the other teacher gifts. I do like it. I wish I could find a lighter shade of grey for all of my school color afghans. Right now I’m having trouble finding any grey, though. 😦


I was supposed to end the afghan when it reached 62″. I didn’t have a tape measure with me or anything else to measure it. I just checked how long it was every now and then. I ended it just before I started my last skein of the Heather Grey. It is so long! My 6’3″ husband can be covered in it head to toe.

It’s even far too long for my bed!

I asked which teacher my kids thought should get this one. My daughter shouted out her answer before I got finished with the question. She then wrapped herself in the afghan and danced around demonstrating how the fringe bounces and told me that the teacher’s daughter would do this with it.


4 comments on “Afghan 18 – Rich Heather

  1. hrd says:

    I like the name of this one. ;o)

  2. fiveboysmom says:

    I’ve done this one several times. The first one was a disaster! Somehow it ended up hour-glass shaped. I have had many complements on it over the years, however. I tend to wear it as a shawl so your daughter’s assessment makes perfect sense to me. I never thought of making it with two solids, however.

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