Afghan 17 – Winter White

Winter White is one of those patterns that seems like a nice, typical afghan. It never really caught my attention in the book other than by being the last pattern in it. While out of town on one of my trips, I ran out of yarn for the afghan I was crocheting. I called several stores in the area, but none had the color I needed. I went to a Walmart to just see if they had anything I liked. I was not disappointed. I found 8 skeins of Glow Worm from Red Heart.


The picture does not do this color justice. It really looks like this guy.

20131124-200406.jpgAnd who doesn’t love Slimer?

This afghan ended up taking one day to complete. It was done on a P hook with two strands of yarn the whole time. Besides that, I just loved it so much I couldn’t put it down! My husband really surprised me with this one. After he hated the neons on my Summer Favorite, I was shocked when he said we had to keep this one.



Here’s just one more afghan that will not be helping me finish up my Christmas list. I’ve got to agree with the guy, though. This is one of my favorites!


One comment on “Afghan 17 – Winter White

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    This is one I want to do this winter. I’m just not sure what color I want to do it in. I saw this color in my local Wal-Mart and felt like your husband–not crazy about it–but there is something appealing to it as well. Your first picture looks more like Aruba Sea than Glow Worm. I made an afghan from Crochet All Through The House (I think that’s the name of it) with Aruba Sea this summer. It’s a diamond within diamond pattern. It turned out nice.

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