Afghan 16 – English Garden

I’m continuing with the school color afghans for the kids’ teacher Christmas gifts. After getting crazy frustrated with Fall Splendor I told my husband to pick a pattern with two or three colors. Why was I so frustrated with that pattern? I don’t know if it’s written wrong or I’m reading it wrong. Lord knows it can’t be me, right?

Anyway, when I tried that pattern, it seemed that either there are the wrong number of stitches or I’m supposed to do a cluster stitch around a front post double crochet on the other side. The latter just didn’t feel right. When I tried to deal with the first assumption, I got it all wrong. I have done this pattern more than half way through three times. That’s why I decided to move on to other patterns and come back to this one layer.

As you can see, I just can’t get the sides straight.

The English Garden pattern is much simpler to do. It is 12 strips put together. I have decided to call it the Bacon Blanket. Each strip starts off super long and gets shorter and wavy when the stripes are added. Maybe it’s because food is always on my mind, but it reminded me of bacon.

I couldn’t even get the full strip in the picture before it shrunk!

When I was putting it together I accidentally put one strip upside down. I don’t think it’s noticeable. I didn’t even realize until I was doing to border. Maybe the teacher will consider it a personalization!


A little closer view of the pattern:


I’m really looking forward to getting back to Fall Splendor. The texture of it feels so luxurious! If anyone has tried it and has any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them!


3 comments on “Afghan 16 – English Garden

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    I did Fall Splendor years ago–probably about 17 years ago–and I don’t recall having any problems with it though it doesn’t seem to fold up very “square” now as a well-used afghan. I suspect that once you put the edging on, it may even up some. Sorry that this isn’t any help. Sounds like you’re having problems with it like I had with Evergreens in Autumn.

    • knitwit1980 says:

      Did you do your cluster stitches around the FPtr or the dc?

      I started another afghan today where you hold two strands at once. I realized that for some reason the two strands throws me off. I can’t explain it, and just muddle through. It usually ends up fine, but drives me crazy while I’m working! Does that happen to you? That could be the issue with Evergeens.

      • fiveboysmom says:

        Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I had to find my afghan first. It’s in really bad shape and I had it buried to try to keep it from falling apart further. I don’t think it worked though. I might be better off taking it apart and re-crocheting it–or making something else with the yarn.

        Anyway, I did the clusters around the FPTr. And the edges are not even but that might have been because I was fairly inexperienced when I made it.

        Two strands together have never given me any problems. I really think it was because as I worked, I became more comfortable with the pattern and relaxed the tension. As I did the final afghan, I made an effort to keep a tight tension on it and it turned out okay. I’m working on Autumn Leaves right now for a wedding present from my youngest to one of his best friends. My son is an usher in the wedding. I don’t like the leaves but it’s turning out nice in Caron Simply Soft dark country blue and off white. I’m also working on Stained Glass Window. It has much smaller clusters than I expected. I’ve also started Heritage but I haven’t finished the first time through the graph yet. There are five more in the book I want to make. I think this winter will be a good time to work those up.

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