This is going to be fun!

For the past few weeks I’ve had to take an alternate route to work due to a bridge closure. Because of this I have to leave home earlier and pass by Hobby Lobby. If I have the time this girl can’t just drive past Hobby Lobby. If I happen to make enough tips in the day to cover my yarn purchase I feel justified for it. I usually buy one skein each day, since I can only use one 40% off coupon.

Last week I collected the neon I Love This Yarn! colors. As of yesterday, I have collected all I need to make this afghan. I’m going to make the Summer Favorite in these colors with a black background. My husband has already said this one has to be given away, because he can’t stand the crazy colors. I’m way too excited over these colors!



One comment on “This is going to be fun!

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    I can’t wait to see it. You are so much better at seeing a different way to organize the colors in a pattern than I am. Have fun!

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