WIP It Good!

About the title, I know I’m a dork. I’ve learned to accept it as who I am.

Since I now live further from any stores that sell yarn, I only make shopping trips part of trips for something else. When I do buy yarn, I have to take what I can get. This means that I tend to only be able to buy a few skeins of any one color other than black or white. I have been making use of scraps left over from other projects. I’m going to share some pictures of some of my current WIPs (Work In Progress).

The first one is pieces of A Patchwork of Petals. This uses little bits of scraps for the flowers in the blocks, so it works for using up leftovers. I would have liked a background color other than white, but I had some and it is plentiful in stores. It does look nice, just not as exciting as it could be.
A Patchwork of Petals

The next one is Pretty Panels. I’m afraid I may have to start this one over from the beginning. It’s one that I started using leftover yarn. I had some pink that I had used for gums in a shark hat. (I never did finish it, because I used worsted weight yarn where I was supposed to use chunky yarn, and it ended up being way too small for even the youngest child I know.) I don’t remember the name of the color of yarn. I do know it is I Love This Yarn! from Hobby Lobby. Since that was purchased Hobby Lobby did away with several of the yarns they carried. I have taken my piece in to the store to try to match it up to one of the pinks they have available with no luck. Maybe I could turn it into a scarf if I can’t get the yarn to finish it. Most likely I’ll end up undoing it and using it for something else. At least I got to practice my first time doing crochet cables!
Pretty Panels

My granny is happy to hear that I have gone yarn crazy. She went and purchased some yarn for me in colors she liked. She chose two colors with which I decided to make Picket Fences. It’s enough to give me a good start on the afghan, but I’ll need to get more before I can finish it. This afghan is done in strips. I have finished one out of thirteen.
Picket Fences

I had some green that I decided to use for Diamond Classic. It’s another one that I’m just waiting for the store to get in stock.
Diamond Classic

Victorian Throw is an afghan that won’t take much time to make once I have the yarn. It’s done like filet crochet.
Victorian Throw

Country Blocks is my PHD (Project Half Done). I bought this yarn at Wal-Mart on my first payday at my new job. I thought the color was interesting and different from most of the colors I usually use. The bad thing was that they only had four skeins. I didn’t know what I would use it for when I was buying it, but I went ahead and got it. I need another four or five skeins to finish this one. I haven’t seen it in either store since I bought it. This is another big hook afghan, so I used up all four of those skeins in a matter of hours.
Country Blocks

The good news is that I now have confirmation that we will soon get a Jo-Ann Fabric closer to me! This is like my kids finding out we’re getting a new candy store. I just can’t wait! I’ll have three nearby stores where I can buy yarn, so I should be able to get things done.


One comment on “WIP It Good!

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    That’s a lot of WIPs. I’ve done all except the Patchwork of Petals and Picket Fences. Too bad about the Pretty Panels. I ended up with the same problem when I did it. I started it with the red yarn I already had and ran out and could not match the color or texture so I have one panel that’s burgundy instead. It reminds me of my aunt who would hate it. I know, it’s an odd way to remember someone. Red was her favorite color though.

    Congratulations on getting a Jo-Ann’s near you. The closest one to me is an hour away.

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