Afghan 11 – Soft and Feminine

I had some yarn left over after I made a Perry the Platypus.
Perry the Platypus

I was at a point where I didn’t want to go out shopping, but I needed to start a new afghan. I loved this color of yarn. It’s Peacock from Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn! I looked through my book until I found one I thought would look nice in this color. Soft and Feminine is no longer looking so feminine. Done in Peacock it looks nice for anyone.

This afghan is done holding two strands of yarn throughout and with a P hook. Because of this, it took two days to finish once I did go out and get more yarn. (Since I moved out of town, it’s now about a 30 mile drive to the nearest store with yarn.) For the first part of the yarn, I rolled the leftover part of my skein into two equal balls. Apparently I did a better job of matching up size than the manufacturer for I Love This Yarn! All of the skeins I purchased were labeled as 7 oz. and 355 yards. When I finished with my first skein, I started two separate skeins at the same time. When I got to the end of the first skein, here is how much I had left of the other.

I used a total of 10 skeins of the yarn that was $3.99 each. Here is the pay off from one weekend’s work.

Here is an up-close picture of some of the shells.

Using this color gives it sort of an ocean feel with the shells. The color does look a lot like the Turqua I used on Delightful Daisies. It still has a much different look that I like!


2 comments on “Afghan 11 – Soft and Feminine

  1. That’s a cool thingy – I love Mr. perry :o)

  2. fiveboysmom says:


    Interesting note about Peacock and Turqua. I bought some Red Heart yarn over 20 years ago in a color they called Peacock and two years ago I made an afghan for a niece out of Turqua for a wedding present. Upon finding the Peacock in the back of stash, I found that they are exactly the same color! I’m not sure why the name change but they are certainly the same. Red Heart also has a yarn a few shades lighter called Aruba Sea that will make you do a double take till you have it next to Turqua. A diamond pattern in Aruba Sea is on my to-do list for the summer–as soon as I finish Snowballs! It’s making me nuts! I’ll be interested to see your take on that pattern.

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