Afghan 10 – Bubbles for Baby

I decided to make the Bubbles for Baby for my 9 year old baby girl. Since it has a pillow to go with it, it will be her travel set for long car rides. She chose to have it made in black yarn with a hot pink ribbon.

I tried to get a picture of the whole afghan.

This one shows the bubbles a little bit better. It’s just hard to see details in a black afghan in a picture.

Here is a picture of the bow.
I should have used a ribbon about half the width of the one I used. Willow liked it as it is, so I’ve left it like that for now. I haven’t sewn the ribbon in place, so I can change it later. She seems to be starting to agree with me that it should be changed. It’s okay, but because the ribbon is too wide for the wholes in which it’s woven, it’s folded over and bunched up. When I get the different ribbon I’ll sew the bow once it’s been tied.

I haven’t yet finished the pillow. I need to get some Polyfill to stuff it. I wish I could find some black Polyfill to use. I know the white is going to show through the black yarn and look funny. She won’t care, but it will annoy me. Also, I want to wait on getting it done until I get new ribbon. I used nearly 5 yards on the afghan, so I’ll have to get two spools of the ribbon I end up using.


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