My Big Fat Geek Weekend

My kids and I went to Lexington for the Dance Masters dance competition this weekend. This is our third year in a row of going to this. My daughter has been competing in it doing solos each year. This year she was also in some group numbers. She stays busy all weekend. On Friday and Saturday we get to watch her compete. On Sunday she takes classes, and the rest of us have to wait in the hall or find something else to do. This is not much fun for a little brother.

I’ve mentioned before, my little man is a bit of a Whovian. Last year we noticed that they had a Comic and Toy Convention going on the same weekend as the Dance Masters competition. This year I decided to buy tickets to it, so Jarrett would have some entertainment. Plus, I could consider myself the coolest person in the room for once!

Sadly, it turned out that some of the things at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention excited me as much as any geek out there. You can see the website at Maybe it’s because I was born in 1980 and grew up thinking of Christopher Reeve as the real Superman, but I could not wait to meet Lois Lane Margot Kidder. There were some real legendary actors there! The only person with whom I actually got to speak was Carel Struyken. It was insanely crowded. Jarrett kind of freaked out over the crowd and some of the scarier costumes. I asked him if he would let me take his picture with “Lurch.” He just shook his head and stared ahead. That was his reply to everything until we left. At least Mr. Struyken was very kind and understanding about it.

The convention was officially taking place on Saturday and Sunday. They were mostly just setting this up on Friday. I was able to get a couple of pictures of him that night.
Jurassic Park


He refused to stand near Vigo.

I did get one smiley picture from him inside the convention.

We have a friend who built a Dalek and brought it to the convention. Jarrett knows the guy. He knew it was this guy inside the Dalek but still would not have his picture taken with it. At least he spoke up and said, “Daleks are evil.” It just would have been a really fun picture to have years from now of him standing with the Dalek and the T.A.R.D.I.S. Maybe another time…

BTW, Dalek Gan has his own Facebook page: He has some pictures of the building of Gan. I think he also has some videos. If not on Facebook, then it’s on Youtube somewhere. This Dalek is what originally made Jarrett curious enough to start watching Dr. Who.

This morning when we went in to the convention while Willow was in class it wasn’t as crowded as it had been yesterday. Jarrett was able to look around at some of the toys and artists’ tables better than he had. Some of the artists he really liked were Brett Hattfield ( He had sketchcards of different comic characters. He asked if Jarrett had any favorite characters. He was looking a little disappointed, because with a huge assortment, we didn’t see any Dr. Who cards. He told Mr. Hattfield that he liked the Doctor. The guy then pulled out five Dr. Who cards. They were so cute! I have a feeling I may end up buying some from his website by the time Jarrett’s birthday rolls around.

Another one he liked was a lady who writes a weekly comic online called Ninja Pea. (I’ve left the cards in one of the still packed bags, so I don’t remember all the information.) She gave him a card showing the beginning of Ninja Pea. Apparently someone poured soy sauce into the soil of this pea plant. After that Jarrett kept saying we need to get some soy sauce. Her site is It’s pretty cute! We’ve decided we’ll be reading this one each week.

Overall we had a pretty good time. It was a crazy weekend to be in Lexington. It’s good to be home. My husband stayed home, but the dogs clearly missed us. Gracie has not quit begging me to hold her since we got home.

Willow won a silver trophy. Each of her group numbers won the same. The judges scored pretty hard this year, so we’re glad she got a trophy! There were very few who scored higher. We’re pretty proud of our girls.


2 comments on “My Big Fat Geek Weekend

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Congratulations to Willow! Some of those judges are impossibly hard.

    I loved Lurch. I remember the old ones though as apparently I’m old enough to be your mother. (How did that happen?)

    I’m jealous. He got to stand next to Ecto. That is sooo cool.

  2. Congratulations to your daughte! I agree, I wouldn’t like it to stand near Vigo – he is scary :o)

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