To Be Continued

I have decided that Candy Stripes is going to be an ongoing WIP (Work In Progress). I have spent so much time working on it and see very little progress. It’s my own fault. As fiveboysmom pointed out, it is supposed to be done with sport weight yarn and not worsted weight. I should have paid a bit more attention when I saw that it requires an F hook. Those are usually used with sport weight. I just didn’t even think about it, because the Plaid Winner was also done with an F hook but used worsted weight. Worsted weight is cheaper and available in many more colors around here. I have learned my lesson, though. This will work, but I’m going to have it as a back up to work on it while I get finished with other afghans. It’s just too discouraging to keep working on this.

So far I have gotten eight blue stripes done out of 32. This is the front. It looks nice enough. It’s just taking too long.
front not done
Aside from the problem of trying to use worsted weight with a tiny F hook, this takes longer because every time I make a blue stripe, I have to work that space twice. The blue is in front of yellow. From the back this afghan looks like a solid yellow piece. No wonder it’s making me crazy!
back not done

Saturday I went to Columbus for the Ohio 4-H Volunteer Conference. They have a luncheon where they give out awards to volunteers and do a bunch of speeches. I haven’t done anything impressive with 4-H in my 4 years as a volunteer, so I just sit at my table listening. Knowing this ahead of time, I took my yarn with me. While people were speaking, I was crocheting. I thought people might have something to say about the fact I was making an afghan in Michigan colors while I was in the city that is home to Ohio State University. Fortunately, no one who cares saw me. The ladies at my table saw me pull out my yarn and said, “Look! She’s knitting. We should have thought to bring ours.” I was so happy to see people get excited about it that I didn’t even correct them.


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