Afghan 9 – Candy Stripes

I’ve decided that it just makes more sense to label these as what number afghan I’m doing instead of what number week, since I’ve not been on track for time in a while.

These week I am doing Candy Stripes. In the book it is done in red and white. It does look cute in the colors of a candy cane. It’s just too Christmassy. That may be fine for a lot of people. Probably when December rolls around I’ll even want some afghans in Christmas colors. Right now I don’t. I really hate the cold and can’t wait to complain about how hot it is! Of course the good thing about living in Ohio is that if I wait a couple of days the weather will change.

One of the bad things about living in Ohio is that my boys are Michigan fans. I, personally, know very little about sports and only cheer for whatever team on which one of my children happens to be playing. I do know that the University of Michigan’s colors match the colors of my husband’s high school, so I’m glad that all of that stuff matches his old high school things.

Since my son is carrying on with liking Michigan, I am making the Candy Stripes afghan in Soft Navy and Bright Yellow for him. It should be navy and maize, but those colors weren’t available around here.yarn

The pattern also includes a pillow. I figure this will be nice for him to take along on car rides when we’re going to Willow’s dance competitions. The next competition is St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this one done for him and the other one with a pillow done for Willow.


One comment on “Afghan 9 – Candy Stripes

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    I like this one. I’ve made two afghans and two pillows. The first afghan really was red and white and the second Country Blue and Light Gray. The pillows were both green and white. What I realized after making all of those (I think I read too fast) is that they are suppose to be made with sport yarn. So, now I’m intrigued as to how much different the double border will look in sport rather than worsted weight yarn. Of course, right now I have so many other afghans on my list it will probably be ten years before I get around to finding out…

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