I can’t believe it took me two weeks to finish this afghan. Okay, I can. I’ve been so sick! I took an allergy test on Thursday. I had to quit taking my allergy medicine last week to prepare for that. It turns out that I’m allergic to dogs. I’m not only allergic to their dander but their saliva as well. Great news for someone who lives with mastiffs. When I told my husband, my son over heard. He told me that if I get rid of his dog I’ll have to get rid of him, too. We have no intention of getting rid of any of our family members. I’m just going to try new medications and find something that works, so I’m not so sick all the time.

Anyway, since I went without the antihistamines for so long I ended up getting sick. It’s like I have a cold when I don’t take my allergy medicine for multiple days. I’m starting to clear up, but I let myself get so far behind. It’s just an embarrassment when I know this afghan so well.

At least I do have the excuse that I added the second color of yarn to this one. I’ve always done it in one color like the book suggests. These two colors together really pop! I’ve had more compliments on this one than I have on any other afghan I’ve made. I’ve had more people ask me to make one for them than I would ever be able to make!
Valentine Afghan
This is the best picture I could get of this afghan. It’s pretty big! I laid it out on my queen size bed, which it nearly covers, and held my phone over my head and just hoped I was getting the afghan in the picture.
This one is a little closer of the hearts, in case the bigger one ends up looking as blurry on here as it does on my phone.

I do like the way this turned out. I need to do a little clean up on it. You can see the black through the pink, but I still like it. Maybe I should weave it into the black instead of carrying it over. What can I say? I’m lazy. I just hope my cousin and his wife enjoy their wedding gift!


One comment on “FINALLY!!!!

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Very nice. So sorry about your allergy test. I’m probably allergic to cats and we have two cats who like to hope up on my lap and sleep. Feel better.

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