Miss Dance

Yesterday I went to the Miss Dance pageant. My baby girl was competing in it. This was her first time in a dance pageant. This is her third year doing dance competitions, though. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures. The ones I took all turned out really blurry. I’ve already admitted I’m no photographer! Apparently my iPhone does not like taking stage pictures.

My sister and I left for the pageant late Saturday night. Willow (my daughter) had been doing audition classes and her interview all day that day. I would have gone Friday night with her and my mom, but Jarrett had his Pinewood Derby Saturday morning. Since parents aren’t allowed to watch Saturday’s activities, I went to watch his derby then went to watch her dance on Sunday. My sister went to a Miranda Lambert concert Saturday evening, so we went after that.

It was no fun driving to the hotel. I had snowed a few times Saturday. By the time we got near where we were staying, the snow was so thick on the road that I couldn’t see the lines marking the lanes half the time. On the bright side, it was sticking and slippery. The bad thing was that it was like dust. Anytime another driver would be in front of me the snow blew all over the place, and I couldn’t see anything! It was pretty scary. I didn’t know the area well, and we ended up getting to the hotel around 4 a.m.

We had to get Willow ready at the theater at 9 a.m. Sunday morning. Somehow we managed to get up and get everything ready on time. Willow’s group was the first to perform. All of the girls did such a good job. Willow forgot half her dance while she was on stage, but she made it up so you couldn’t really tell if you didn’t already know it. She ended up winning a scholarship for her performance in the tap audition.

After her group performed, we ate lunch and went home. I got home around 3 p.m. and went straight to bed. I am a girl who appreciates her sleep, and I missed quite a bit of it this weekend, but it was worth it. Hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures off-stage at her next competition. I should be able to get more sleep for that one.


2 comments on “Miss Dance

  1. congratulations to your little girl ;o)

  2. daniellajoe says:

    Congrats!!!! For her to win a scholarship at her first competition shows she is gifted….it’s absolutely grand!!!! 🙂

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