Week 6 – Harvest Gold

Since it took me a while to decide which afghan I was going to make this week, I never did get around to posting ahead which one I chose. Harvest Gold is one of the ones I started with what I had. My daughter looked at it while I was working on one of the strips and said she wanted it. Since the end of that week (yesterday) was her birthday, that made my decision on which afghan I would finish.
Harvest Gold
The design of this pattern makes me think of the pineapple doilies my granny likes to make. That meant my only choice for color was white. Yes, I could use something other than what she uses, but it just felt right. I can’t make doilies. I can, but that thin thread cuts my fingers when I work with it. It’s like having paper cuts all over my hands. OUCH!! So not worth it.

pineapple See the pineapple?

This one was really easy to work up. There were eight strips that had to be crocheted together. It looked like it would take forever, because each strip has over 100 rows. Once I started working on them, I realized it was a much faster job than expected. It probably took about an hour per strip. I would have been able to post this a lot sooner if I hadn’t had such a busy week.

As of yesterday, I officially have a nine year old daughter. We didn’t have time to do a birthday party. She gets to spend this coming weekend out of town doing one of her favorite things, so I think it will be made up to her. She has a dance pageant. She has spent most of her time lately practicing for that. She even spent several hours of her birthday at the studio. She has competed before, but this is her first pageant which includes an interview. Being the child of the 80s that I am I’m so excited that she’s doing her first lyrical to True Colors by Cyndi Lauper!

Anyway, this afghan used 2 Super Saver skeins that cost $6.27 each (the store actually brought the price down from $7.44!) and 1 regular skein that was $2.77. The total was $16.23.


2 comments on “Week 6 – Harvest Gold

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    I look at this one and try to talk myself into making it but I just can’t get past the fact that I would have to join them together. If someone would just volunteer to join them…..

    By the way, yours are so much prettier than the ones in the book. Some of the pictures they have in the book have kept me from wanting to do them. Keep up the good work. And “break a leg” to your daughter. One of the girls in my church is also in contest this weekend. I wonder if they are competing against each other–or with each other…..

    • knitwit1980 says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      I usually hate joining pieces as well. This one was much easier to join than most pieces are. To join the strips I had to do chains and slip stitches. The strips are actually spread apart a bit instead of so close. Usually I just slip stitch along seams to join. This sort of has an accordion affect to the joints.

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