Land of UFOs

I’ve gotten a bit distracted this week. I did finish the Delightful Daisies afghan. I’ve just had so much work to do on the computer I haven’t posted about the afghan, yet.
daisy delight
This pattern is written by rows. It tells the number of rows in the afghan in the pattern instead of having a certain number of rows to repeat for x amount of inches. I prefer this type of pattern. I like to count down how many rows I have left. When something says to keep repeating until it’s so long, I feel like I need to keep measuring way more than I really need to measure or I end up putting several extra inches on the project and have to buy more yarn. This one did get a little tedious, because it was the same few rows repeated for over 100 rows, but it was easy to memorize and carry along.
daisy closeupHere’s a close up of some of the daisies in the afghan.

I’m not sure which afghan I’ll be doing for next week at this time. Since I got distracted after finishing Delightful Daisies, I grabbed leftover yarn and started a few different afghans. That’s why I have so many UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I didn’t want to start one of the afghans that utilizes scraps, because for those you need a background to pull it all together. I only have white and black that would work, but I don’t think I want either of those for the afghans I’ll be making.

Delightful Daisies ended up using 7 skeins of yarn that were $2.99 each. It would have only used 6 if I didn’t add the fringe to it. The total cost for this one was $22.19.


2 comments on “Land of UFOs

  1. I like the colors and it reminds me of spring ;o)

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