I actually finished my afghan on time this week! Ceiling Cat was right to tell me to do one that was tried and true. Thanks, Ceiling Cat!

photo - Copy
I really like this one. I LOVE Red Heart’s with Love yarn. It’s not too expensive, but it’s super soft.

photo - Copy

I accidentally made this afghan eight inches longer than it is supposed to be. Oops! My 6’4″ husband was happy about that accident until he found out I was putting the fringe on it. (For some reason he hates fringe.) I like the fringe. It’s one of those things that entertains me when I’m snuggled up under an afghan. There must be an ADHD child inside of me.

This was a pretty big week at my house. Everyone should be really proud of me for getting finished with my afghan with all we had going on here. (Please pat me on the back and tell me I’m awesome.) I started homeschooling my kids this week. It’s an online school, and they’re really enjoying it. We decided to homeschool my son, because he was not being challenged at all in the city’s school. It was so bad he thought his teacher thought he was stupid, and that’s why she gave him such easy work. (We talked to her. She did not think he was stupid, they just had to stick to the lesson plan for second grade.) My daughter decided she wanted to be homeschooled on her own. We thought she would hate it, because her biggest problem with school was that she wanted to talk to her friends instead of doing her work. That problem was eliminated. She still has dance, karate, and other activities where she sees her friends, so she is okay with it.

Guess who else started school this week. Me! I feel like I’m way too old for this. I’ve certainly not gained any good study habits in the years I’ve been out of school. I have a useless degree, so now I’m in a phlebotomy program. It’s short and simple, so I should make it through like a big girl.

Is that enough going on in one week. Heck no! We also adopted a three year old English mastiff. I mentioned her in my Training post. We already had a male mastiff. He will be three in April. He is absolutely in love with the new girl! She has been spoiled to getting scraps of people food, so she’s about twice his size. I need to get her weighed. I’m pretty sure she’s a bit heavier than I am. It’s so much fun having a lap dog who is bigger than you are.

I forgot to put on here how much this afghan cost! I think I need to keep that in each afghan’s post just to remind myself. Anyway…[(6 * $3.47)+$2.77]$1.06=$25. (It almost makes it look like I’m good at math when I put it like that, doesn’t it?) This one was much cheaper than last week’s, but also a lot less intricate. The one I’m working on for next week is even cheaper.


3 comments on “Success!

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! And here’s your pat on the back! Can’t wait to see which one you will do for the third week. I knew there was a reason the designers put fringe on afghans. I don’t care for fringe at all. It takes too long to make, it becomes tangled too easily and makes folding the afghans smoothly just impossible. I guess I have a neatness OCD when it comes to afghans.

    Congratulations on your new family member and on going back to school. And congratulations on making a wise decision for your son. Sorry they couldn’t put him in a gifted program or find other ways to challenge him. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t finish high school in his mid-teens.

  2. hrd says:

    This one’s beautiful! Those are my kind of colors & I like the simple design. I’m enjoying seeing your work! :o)

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