Week 2 – Spring Ripple

Since Ceiling Cat told me that I have to do an easy afghan which I’ve already done, I chose to do Spring Ripple this week. I did start on it right after my last post. I’ve just been waiting for the light to be right to post a picture of my finger candy
.Finger Candy
In the light inside my house, the main color looks like a cranberry and seems to have more of a red tint to it than it actually does. What I am using this week are Red Heart with Love’s Boysenberry and Red Heart’s Grey Heather. I saw the boysenberry and fell in love with it. Red Heart’s with Love yarn is definitely an improvement on their regular worsted weight yarn. It is so soft it glides effortlessly across my fingers and into my work.

I’m not usually a fan of purple. The boysenberry does walk the purple line. I just think it looks really nice with the grey. It doesn’t look like it should be called a “spring” afghan in these colors, maybe an Autumn Ripple.


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