Emulating Liz

Elizabeth Taylor

As you read this post, please remember what an icon the great Elizabeth Taylor was. She was late to her own funeral. I can’t yet say that. I’m just late for my own blog. I was kicked in the head during this week! (FYI, that is currently my excuse for everything.) Please forgive me, Ceiling Cat!ceiling cat (Ceiling Cat forgives me, but says I must do a super-easy afghan I’ve already made multiple times this week to make up for it.)

I did finally get my version of the Stained Glass Beauty finished last night. Ignore the fact that it was finished on Friday when it should have been finished on Tuesday.

My choice of yarn made it look vastly different from the picture in the book. After only a few rows, I realized that having a black background with bright bubbles it was going to be too busy. I decided that after every five rows of the pattern I would put in two rows of plain double crochets with the black yarn. I am quite pleased with the end result.photo - Copy

I tried to do a pretty picture of it, but I’m just not that great of a photographer.Stained Glass Beauty
I like to leave the technology to others, and I’ll just stick with the comforts of classic entertainment.

For this afghan I used ten skeins of yarn that cost $2.99. I used two skeins of yarn that cost $6.97. Tax where I buy my yarn is 6%. My total cost for this afghan was $46.47. If I include my cost to make these afghans, I think it will remind me why I don’t sell them. People (mostly my mom) ask me all the time why I don’t. When I find someone who wants to pay me $50 for one of my afghans, maybe I will. I probably won’t, though, because then I would look at it as work and I just wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy making them to give them away.

I have been thinking that I may have to change my plans for this challenge. While I still plan to get all 52 afghans finished this year, I just need to accept that some weeks are busier than others and I may get behind. I jokingly beg Ceiling Cat’s forgiveness, because this is the internet where he rules, but in all honesty I believe my true Father in Heaven doesn’t mind that I didn’t quite meet my goal.

By the way, thanks to everyone who expressed concern over my little karate incident. I did whine a lot more than it merited. I had my neck adjusted, and my headaches have gone away. I’ll still probably be using it as an excuse for doing stupid things until I find something better.


One comment on “Emulating Liz

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    I like yours much better than the one in the book. Congratulations on finishing one.

    I understand totally why you don’t sell them. Although I think if you did, you’d need to be paid more than $50 per afghan. There probably are places where people would pay $300 for a handmade afghan but it’s certainly not where I live.

    Can’t wait to see your next one.

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