Week 1 – Stained Glass Beauty

One of the afghans I’ve wanted to make but never tried is called Stained Glass Beauty.  The book has it pictured as a beautiful red base with many different colors.  The idea is to have a different color on each row.  I’ve always imagined making this one with some of the yarns from Vanna White’s collection.  They would be just perfect!

Since I’m still working on getting myself to spend the money on yarn, that is not what I’m doing with this one.  My finger candy for this week is just two different selections from Red Heart.  I am using black as the base and “Monet” as the colors.  It’s a completely different look from what is intended, but I really like it.


I do work mostly with Red Heart.  Why?  It’s cheap and available.  There are two stores near my house where I can buy yarn.  Both are major chains that are everywhere.  There are three other stores that are about a 45 minute drive from here, but their selections aren’t much larger.  I know I could shop online, but when it comes to yarn I need to feel it before I can purchase it.  There are a lot of beautiful yarns out there that are just not enjoyable to use.  I can say that if bamboo yarn were cheaper, I would probably use it for everything I could!


2 comments on “Week 1 – Stained Glass Beauty

  1. fiveboysmom says:

    Interesting. I wondered if you were going to use the recommended colors and weight of yarn and if you would work them in the order they appear in the book. This is not one I have done but I am intrigued by it. Perhaps someday…..

  2. knitwit1980 says:

    I rarely use recommended colors. There are times I do, but it’s more fun to make it my own. I wanted to start at the beginning and go through, but the very first one is a scrap afghan. I have managed to work down on a lot of my yarn stash. Most of what I have extra of right now is blacks, whites, and greys. I didn’t want to do a flower afghan in those colors. Jumping around will help me build up my colors again. (I haven’t asked my husband’s opinion on this project and don’t plan to do so!)

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